Computer Power Supply

Given the current high price of travo, so to save costs, there is no harm we use this trick to fulfill our will kebutuhun power supply. In addition to the cheap trick can also produce large ampere power supply for us. This trick is very useful for colleagues who are hobby ngebrik (istilanya) both in the 2 meter or on FM. We all know that the plane was membutukan kosumsi transmitter power supply with a large current. Hopefully this trick bermaanfaat for us all.
First we butukan is Supplynya computer power that has been unused. We can buy flea ditukang (rosokan). the most cost about 10 thousand. Please note that the Power Supply current computer is a large discharge voltage of 5 Voltnya. While the 12-volt current is rather small exit. While we need is a voltage 12 Volt. For that we need to modify in the following manner:

Search rasistor on pin number 1 IC LM 494 leading to the 5 Volt output tegangang rasistor replace with the value 18 to 22 K, connect with the 12 volt output.
Replace the R pin number 4 of IC LM 494 is to ground with 47 Ohm R
Diodes with the symbol -> <- located belt replace with 12 volt output diodes associated with a 5 volt output. Since this determines the size of the ampere.
Replace the coils on the ring with wire rod Ferrite large email.
The latter, usually disposable twin transistors replaced by C 2625 D4242
For his on swit jamper green wire with black cable.

After that modification process is complete, we stayed test results. The way most young people is by shorting the poles - the poles + on 20 ampere fuse. if you can break means the modification work and ready for use. We just attach accessories that we are good at power supply so that seems cool.
download schematic here