Service Tv Digitec

Digitec DM142021, MN152451FEL:
Vt-Voltage not want the road, damaged R734 33k.
-Contras did not function, damaged R345 220k, R436 10k (from abl).

Digitec TDA8361:
-When the first on a normal image, then shrink the image then right-left horizontal lines or less, the voltage of 8V or less, check the circuit supply.
-Images sometimes do not catch the broadcast (TEG AGC 0), vertical fold lower, after a long time sometimes to normal, rather short 22nf C202 (52 pin IC TDA8361).

Digitec super-ninja:
Color is lost, there TA8690AN IC pin21 r10k diseri then to GND with R10k, R10k is to replace the 5k GND.

Digitec 143031B
-Did not catch the broadcast, Tr303, Tr309
OSD-no, Tr712.

Digitec DN1411M:
Preview normal sound does not exist (kresek-kresek), but sometimes a normal voice, broken ZD STV2286 IC 8V at pin55.

HBM-Digitec 00-02:
No pictures, only horizontal line at the bottom of the screen, IC program is broken.

Digitec ichiban DC1402K:
AGC-image as too big.
-Disearching passed.
AV-ins ok.
Damaged c133 2.2 / 50V, PD pin53ic TDA8841, AGC

For download  schematic tv digitec here DOWNLOAD