LDP SHARP XG-MB55X-L problem

projector (LDP) brand: SHARP-MB55X model xg-L with a total death complaint, neither the indicator LED lights up / standby (complaints that are generally very liked by the technician). But not all so easy any devices ..

1.Buka five bolts at the bottom, four on the corner, one in the middle
2.Buka cover / casing above, it appears the board control panel.
3.Buka four bolts on each corner of the block regulators from the top, lift a little and opened an adjoining metal casing bolts on the side.
4.Lepaskan all connections soket2 (4 to a blower, a power cord, a circuit protector, an output regulator)
5.Angkat blocks / modules are hati2 control panel, since it deals directly with DSP blocks the light.
Of course the first time I checked was the power block suplly; fuse his condition was still normal, signs that the TR / IC switching regulatornya not short.
Blocks are divided into two regulators, one for the main circuit blocks / block to supply the mainboard and lamps.
Once the regulator turns out to observe its standby system does not work, the results of these measurements turned out regulator using IC STR-W6575 to its standby system.
Although there is no component who looks short / burnt, along with the turn of this STR IC Resistors supporters and a few small elco (10/35-22/35) .. make this device can "start" again ..
But wait, after all installed neatly back, watch your power cord when the cord input voltage / PLN, how the flame condition led indicator led his Standb? ..
  1.Bila still not lit, try to confirm his position circuit protector (located on the front side of a red light, when terprotek, just press the little red button again
 2.Bila red LED continues to blink / flicker, make sure all the sockets are properly installed, especially leading to the lamp socket (AN-XR20LP) and blocks of DSP (Digital Signal processor)
  3. When the LED is green, back to red, check the circuit block lamp, block elco regulators.
The rest you just wait for the release of this kind look on your wall.

Note, you should never unplug the power cord when you turn off / shut down the LDP before the red standby LED indicator, even though its lights were dead.
  If you have problems with its components, especially IC, it is better you contact the vendor, unless the lamp can be replaced (when forced) with Ben-Q brand.