projector brand: Toshiba TDP-1000.Dalam by.indikator stand-power LED (red) lights up as it should .. if the power on, this projector does not budge at all.
After I disassembled, its voltage drop condition, small IC  regulatornya still working normally soon .. I check the feedbacknya, and not one of them .. optocoupler (I forget typenya) rusak.sehingga can not regulate well soon .. I change, and it turns out, okay.
Also we have found cases in ini.tidak type can produce images through the lenses, with normal working conditions of the voice .. you simply replace its DSP IC LD bertype his 1000.tentunya you must order before to toshiba, because in Indonesia, service centernya not provide this type of IC.
Be careful in the process of change, because the IC's position is very hard pressed to boardnya.
download schematic here