Membuka Service mode tv konka

Respond to complaints about how open the service mode tv konka type
1438c, 2199c3
I honestly do not know the actual procedure for when
tv model was launched late year 2000 konka me as a technician at
time was given a master remote that shipped directly from china
but before the master remote to get, I considered my co-workers
kereaktif (creative) work to modify the remote user to remote
HOW ARE opening a service mode
Kk-y237b remote unloading pay close attention there is ic with
transverse position of the above there is an opposite point of charcoal left col
Right, that path is the path the system, prepare cuter cut path
ic number seven and then cut also point system that the left button
cut tip and charcoal col jamper with pin 7, be
now becomes a function button to change the system to enter service mode
after press the mute mode good luck, how can aisy mas
understood if the original remote has no local remote can also kok
although local remote tompel pake ic system path so important ynag
new to me there are still some more to say other trick
but certainly still related tv konka
Download schematic tv konka here  DOWNLOAD