Hearing the words TOA, our minds will definitely fixed on a brand ampilfier who once branded the country Indonesia, in addition to local products, amps ioa is also a topnotch amps are often used for public purposes in masarakat. but since large numbers of cheap china product entry to Indonesia, it seems that manufacturers of brand ioa is trying to compensate for their price (China) by using some components cheaper .. who as a result, now is not got amps toa more. year old home in the mushola2, seminar rooms, a stage amp dll. Now toa not as tough as before, just because of one thing: the product output ioa began the 2000s using a transistor-type C5199 .. final result if the amp is getting hot / increased temperature .work  this transistor .. if you have shaky voice amps ioa "new" defective / cracked and very feeble .no problem. replace just need to type the previous output of type D1047 .. (do not forget the original, not imitation), you'll be dashing back toa ..