Sharp TV Troubleshotting

This tutorial discusses how to deal with issues / problems on Sharp TV (Silver Boxes series) more quickly and save time.
Jump at the core of the discussion:
Every time you get to the reparation. First sharp tv you have to clean it first with a brush or brush mainboardnya truncated approximately 2cm, to see and ensure there is no good who soldered joints, because the point of loosened solder who will be moved and you can see it clearly. Use high gloss paint thinner liquid (good quality and quick-drying) to clean dirty or stain on the mainboard.
Once clean, check all the solder points on the parts: supply-Flyback.blok Vertikal-Regulator/power this is the most often occurs because of heat damage to the solder point that ditimbulkannya.terutama solderan check in the feet and the vertical IC resistornya. care in the process workmanship, because this part is sensitive, even if you turn off the power was still remaining voltage on the vertical suplly elco (C: 470uf/63v).
Replace the IC if you believe the vertical or also damaged in the resistors marked with the changing colors vertikal.kerjakan carefully.
Try to turn on the TV and watch, if you still do not want to start normally, follow these steps:

If the flame-red LED to the green and stop being yellow, the damage occurred in the IC memory (24c04-24c16), replace it with baru.Setting who returned parameters used in the service menu.
If the red LED continues to die, the damage occurred on the main IC (TDA 938psxxx) or loss of voltage on the regulator 3.3volt, check the power supply.
If the green or red blinking, there is an error in the memory IC (internal error), you can reset it or replace it reset IC (IC reset the memory sharp tips will be displayed in a special tutorial).
If the LED is green for 50-10 seconds and back in red, there is a failure on the horizontal section, check the flyback (remove the scale and measure with a multimeter 10k on foot toward the ground and the leg TR.output horizontal collector, if it moves even a little means have short flyback . Also check the voltage of 180V to block the RGB, is common damage to the resistors of its boundary.
If the LED is not lit at all, check that the input power supply, check 6553/6554.ganti STR if they are damaged and do not forget to check the resistor boundary (6.8/10watt).
At the turn of 6553/54 IC STR check all diodes are mainly two diodes fruit corners, replacing them with the horse's mouth, if not STR certainly be damaged again, and this often terjadi.Bila you do not get the same diode bertype who, taking two diodes IN4007 connected in series and installed to replace every single fruit such diodes.

SHARP TV series that uses the main IC TDA 938PSxxx, general and frequent damage to: SOLDE THE LESS GOOD, THE VERTICAL IC, MEMORY IC, flyback and regulators.

damage to the IC memory is varied, because there are damaged and some are because error.Pada cases caused by error or corrupted, can we overcome by logging into the service menu.
In other cases, for the Sharp series of black box that use your main IC TDA 8361/8362. broken standby often occurs on the 9V regulator, replace the IC 7809 and its twin capacitors and two resistors (18 ohm). Check whether elco 100-220uF/160Volt- IC broken .Check vertical and horizontal TR and fix all the points solder.and tips for this type if there is protectionism or tv do not want to start and only on the position of the middle leg standby.Remove the solder on reset IC is IC KIA 7045 program (disconnect the ground path her). IC serves to give the voltage on pin reset 5volt in IC program (on type SHARP 51R500) NICAM / IGR this part number: IC1003 (KIA7405).