Sharp TV 25"

The TV is a Sharp 25 "with dark damage but the picture also looks discolored. Want to know How to Service TV Sharp 25" Black Images fade?

First of all I do is to disassemble the casing TV Sharp 25 "is. And then I immediately try to turn the screen on the flyback. Screen Manage this function is to monitor light from the darkness of the flyback. But after I try to play, Sharp TV picture" of this 25-inch tetep have not changed it was still dark and discolored.

Finally, I suspected flybacknya which leads to damage in the flyback this screennya. I've lost the original cables from the flyback screen and then I try to create their own path from the pin screen Colektor Flyback (these pins connect with the Horizontal Transistor Colector. The circuit is monitored and used to plug my work properly. Fig circuit enhancements as below:

I love VR 2MOhm intentionally to get the right light. After I connect the circuit and I try turns out the picture was still dark. Finally, I try to play his VR 2MOhm to get a screen with a higher voltage, I turn slowly and turned the TV Sharp 25 "This picture was suddenly bright and there are oblique lines to suggest that setting the screen is too bright. Finally, I try return the original screen from the flyback into the jar and TV Sharp 25 "it's my turn. and it works with a normal flame.
Why can not? It turned out that this TV has a short tube which is between the screen with the Brightness G1 G2, and when I play this 2MOhm VR, which means I give a high voltage to the G2 Screen tubes and high voltage is what to release / free up short (konslet) between G2 and G1 this.
download schematic here