LG Flatron 775FT Monitor

The same Servisan come again. This time LG Flatron 775FT monitor but also damaging the Striped Upper Screen and Scrolling. Kira - my ass ya think .....?

Here's How To Monitor LG Flatron 775FT Service Upper Striped Display and Scrolling:

1. Unloading the monitor with the existing open 4 screws on the monitor casing cap.
2. Open Board Monitor foundation made of iron.
3. Monitor LG Flatron 775FT damage the Upper Screen Scrolling Striped and is caused by vertical rngkain disrupted. Then I tried to check all Combination vertical turns out ok. I check the physical components, there was a swell elco (broken) at the output of 40 volts Flyback. Apparently the voltage was 40 volts required by the vertical circuit to open the screen perfectly vertically apart from the power supply voltage of 15 volts.

4. Then I replace the broken elco (elco this as a filter voltage 40 volts). Then I turn on the monitor was still the same. Then I try to sort this series of 40 volts there was a safety resistor with 0.1 ohms measure the burning. This resistor as a fuse. This resistor rupture caused by a damaged elco earlier so that the voltage overload.

5. Then I replace the broken resistors with sizes 0.1 ohms. And try to turn my monitor, and monitor the flame back to normal
download schematic here